• 1959

    download.php?cs=c8235&id_token=ibfrqx553Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos start Amway. Their philosophy being: “Helping people live better lives".

  • 1991

    First European Central Warehouse opens in Moerdijk, The Netherlands.

  • 1996

    download.php?cs=7a534&id_token=xcndgf553European Central Warehouse in The Netherlands relocates from Moerdijk to Venlo.

  • 2000

    The first 'pick & pack' activities start in Venlo for 3 markets.
    European Central Warehouse becomes European Regional Service Center (ERSC).

  • 2002-2006

    download.php?cs=f8b0f&id_token=dzvrjb553'Pick & pack' activities in Venlo extend to 14 markets.

  • 2007

    download.php?cs=d3694&id_token=akvwxg553Amway SCS opens a new warehouse and distribution center in Budapest, Hungary.
    Amway SCS supports Amway Russia in implementing a new distribution and supply chain strategy.

  • 2008

    Amway SCS opens a central warehouse and distribution center in Moscow and three regional warehouses with distribution centers elsewhere in Russia.

  • 2010

    The Baltic states are integrated in the Polish distribution center.
    Amway SCS in Venlo and Amway SCS in Budapest receive the AEO certificate.


  • 2012

    Amway SCS opens a new regional service center in Ekatarinburg (Russia).
    Amway SCS takes over supply chain and distributional responsibilities in Ukraine and South Africa.
    Amway SCS in Venlo receives the ISO9001 certificate.